Ike Leahy

Ike Leahy

Most camera enthusiasts are capable of becoming good photographers. In fact, many of the world's top photographers received no formal photographic art training. They are driven to observe and capture images that express the beauty of life around them and are able to tell a story pictorially in a manner that is pleasing to themselves and for those who view the final product.

Ike Leahy is just such a person. He considers himself a "pictorialist"...one who tells a story through photographic images. Ike has been shooting nature landscapes for over twenty years. His images can be seen hanging in offices, homes and galleries in Washington, Oregon and California. Several northwest publications have featured Ike's photography on their covers and special event stories. His resume also includes being a California police officer, seasonal park ranger, head hunter, human resource manager and has even worked briefly as an associate in a Thomas Mangelsen art gallery. Intense color and "native" composition provide the cornerstone of his presentation style. The common thread found throughout his images is a natural driving energy force that elicits an emotional response whether hung in the home or the office. Ike continues to use Fuji Velvia 120 film in a Pentax medium format 6x7 and a Fuji 6x17 camera. His images are scanned and put on disc prior to printing. 

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