Sassan Filsoof

Sassan Filsoof

Sassan Filsoof has experience as a graphic designer, illustrator and animator; he currently resides in Enderby, Canada. He was first formally trained as an industrial designer, then traditional animator, but has always had a strong affinity towards graphics and drawing. After running two successful businesses, he has returned to his passion for illustrations and design.

Sassan works in a combination of digital and traditional mediums and styles, often merging the two. He is constantly looking at ways of exploring new approaches and applications." For example I love the look and feel of retro posters of the 20th Century, and like to incorporate influences of that with a contemporary twist into my themes. His 'retro-modern’ style is applied to a variety of themes and sport activities. With the cycling designs, I have been immersed in the Europe's rich cycling culture for many years; it allows me to visualize and present it in a new refreshing way for all to enjoy this wonderful sport. Now I am taking this approach with other subject matters.”

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